Sevadus' Stream Viewer v1.0

At the request of my amazing viewers, I've made my stream viewer avaibable to the public. Using this tool, you can watch up to 4 casts at the same time (with chat). This tool also makes watching single casts MUCH more enjoyable, allowing a full-screen video and chat experience. Right now, you need a pretty damn big monitor to see chat without errors when watching 3 or 4 casts, just a warning that you might see warnings :)

To use this tool, just enter the channel name(s) into the text box below, and (my one shameless plug) check out my channel at Happy watching!

Twitch.TV channel(s) to watch (seperate with commas):

I can't guarantee this thing won't break and I might be a little slow at fixing it. Sorry for any issues with it. This will slowly evolve to a pretty neat viewer, I have lots of ideas, just need the time to implement them.